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How to research the business hotels in Sofia for your next trip?

As a person traveling on business you spend more days away from home from everyone else. One way to make your every trip more enjoyable is to select the most suitable hotel that meets your expectations and needs in each city.

Choosing the right place to stay, often prove too difficult, but if you follow certain steps and have clear search criteria, this process can be significantly faster and easier.


Check out our tips how to find a good hotel in Sofia for your next business trip:

1. Check the location

The first thing to consider when choosing a hotel in Sofia is its location. Although this seems logical, for the majority of business travelers, always more important factor is the cost and not as a location of the hotel. If you do not want to spend long hours traveling by taxi or other transportation, reserve your accommodation near your office or place will be held scheduled meetings with business partners.

2. Be sure to check the level of service

When you’re traveling, you often need to overcome long distances and time difference, and is preferable to the hotel to meet you smiling and helpful staff who you can rely on during your stay. As a business traveler for you will be important that you wake up exactly at the time that you ordered, the taxi arrived at the agreed time and shirts to be ironed out before the upcoming meeting. These services are standard in high category hotels in Sofia, but might not meet your expectations, if you opt for a more modest object.

3. Transport accessibility is important

Be sure to check if the hotel has easy accessibility from the Central Bus Station or Sofia International Airport. It would be great if next to the hotel has at your disposal a subway station, which will provide you with a quick access to the various parts of the city.

4. Read the online reviews of the property

Undoubtedly the best way to check the level of service in the hotel you intend to book is to read reviews from previous guests. On the Internet there are several international site, which you can trust, such as TripAdvisor, Kayak, etc. Do not miss out to ask your friends who have visited the capital earlier if you would just recommend this establishment or the other option, which they say is better for you.

5. Accomodation Cleanliness

The cleanliness is perhaps the most important factor for all of us when booking a hotel and we do not compromise. We have heard different stories about horrible experiences of guests due to lack of hygiene in different hotels, so be sure to check this part of the evaluation when doing your research before you book.

6. Ask for a loyalty program

When you travel frequently, you it would be really great to know that you will get an extra bonus if you stay at the same hotel every time you visit it. It would be nice of the property is part of the hotel chain because that will give you the opportunity to earn additional bonuses, whether making a reservation in a business hotel in Sofia, spa hotel in Bansko or holiday resort on the coastline.

7. Business Services

Check if the hotel offers free high-speed wired and wireless Internet access and a business center that is available 24 hours a day. If you are planning a business meetings, do not forget to make a reservation for a meeting room with refreshments available.

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