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Amphitheater of Serdica

In 2004 the construction works of the new Arena di Serdica Hotel of FPI Hotels & Resorts chain unexpectedly came across a part of a Roman wall. Archaeological excavations immediately started – thus the Amphitheatre of Serdica (Amphiteatrum Serdicense) was discovered! This is a monumental public building with an elliptical layout and an arena in the middle, elliptically surrounded by the tiered seats for the spectators. The great number of coins and pottery discovered enabled the researchers to identify two periods in III-IV century. During the research on the site it became evident that about 5 meters under the amphitheatre there is a theatre, built in II-III century, i.e. 100 years earlier. A unique complex combining ancient amphitheatre and theatre was discovered. These are the largest buildings from the age of ancient Serdica, evidencing its heyday during the centuries. The finding was declared unique and the discovery - unmatched in the world!

The Arena of Serdica is 60.5 m long and 43 m wide. However, the Amphitheatre of Serdica is the only one in the world, combining a Roman theatre and a late antique amphitheatre in one place and the only such public building in the Balkans. This makes the site truly unique and the discovery - sensational. It is a fact that no other capital or even city in the world can boast a theatre and amphitheatre together and located in its very centre. Its construction began during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian and was completed by the Emperor Constantine the Great.


The Amphitheatre of Serdica is the perfect location where you could hold your next:

✓ Coffee breaks
✓ New product launch
✓ Cocktail / Reception
✓ Pressconference
✓ Presentation
✓ Wedding ceremony

Main features

  • FREE high-speed internet access
  • Natural daylight
  • Capacity in "Reception" Set-up: :80
  • Capacity in "Press conference" Set-up: :40
  • Professional sound system
  • Wireless microphones
  • Stages
  • Conference design
  • Computer equipment
  • High-resolution multimedia equipment
  • Screens for front and rear projection
  • Photographer
  • Flower arrangements


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