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Massages & SPA therapies Info

Thai Massage - 90 min.

The Thai massage is an ancient healing system combining Indian Ayurvedic principles and traditional Chinese medicine, аcupressure аnd body stretching whose main purpose is to release blocked vital energy.

One of the main reasons for health problems is everyday stress that hampers toxin release. Stress leads to headache, sleep disorders, anxiety, muscle aches, reduced memory and concentration.

The Thаi mаssаge eliminаtes exhaustion, improves spirit and body balance and stimulates nature’s self-healing  processes.


The massage is performed in soft and comfortable clothing (allowing freedom of movement) on a soft and thick mat on the floor.


“Shiva’s dance” massage - 60 min.

Close your eyes …

Relax …

Do you feel six hands “dancing” together on your body …

Forget about the stress and weariness for at least one hour with “Shiva’s dance” massage.


’Allure’’ therapy - 90 min.

Are you tempted to know what is going to happen to you…

… a glass of red wine, relaxing music …

complete peace of mind.

Reach an energy balance with “Allure” therapy because of its mineral, vitamin and detoxifying benefits.


“Detox” therapy - 75 min.

Look perfect ... Who does not dream about this?

Feel always perfect ... the main way to this dream!

Make this dream come true owing to the most powerful natural gifts – the clay.

Refresh your mind and body through this powerful detoxifier with its antibacterial, antiseptic and many other benefits.


“Arena di Serdica” therapy – 90 min.

The mixture of honey, milk, herbs and essential oils has a positive influence on the entire nervous system. The healing effects of honey and its beneficial ingredients stimulate the lymph system , improves the circulation and thermal regulation of the skin.


„Reiki” – 60 min.

Reiki is a healing Japanese technique appropriate for people of all ages and health condition. Reiki treats you including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of security and well-being.


Chocolate “Cleopatra” therapy– 90 min.

In skin care chocolate, cocoa and milk are all excellent moisturizers. Chocolate also contains caffeine which can stimulate your circulation. This treatment features nurturing warmed chocolate which “beautify” your day. The scent of chocolate releases serotonin – the hormone we experience when falling in love. “Fall in love with yourself” after “Cleopatra” therapy ...


Bulgarian rituals

Bulgaria - a country with lovely nature, ‘’embodied by admirable supreme harmony’’.

Experience the ancient bulgarian traditions, feel the bulgarian rituals’ powerful healing benefits at "Arena di Serdica" Wellness club.


“Bulgarian yoghurt” - 70 min. /body/, 40 min /face/

The Balkan treasure for health and longevity. Traditional bulgarian yoghurt is an unique product because of the especial microclimate of the country. It has been tested cosmetic product and it is healthysource of vitamins, proteins, microelements and beneficial fats.


“Bulgarian rose” - 60 min.

The Bulgarian rose is famed worldwide and is eminent with its unique features.

Its antiseptic and antibacterial profits affect calming to the whole body.


“Herbal magic” - 50 min.

Bulgaria is prolific with multifarious flora. Herbs are natural medicines. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic features are some of their many benefits. Improve the effect of the nervous and immune system. Herbs are plenteous source of fiber, vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, essential oils and others.


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